Friday, May 24, 2013

Session 145 - Brewdogland


During this session of the finest hands on audio only builders guide on the internet, talk turns to Silly builders, The silly French, The silly North Korean government, The silly Chinese newspaper cock offices, Silly Saddam Hussein, silly golf ball finders / bomb detectors, Silly UN, Silly UK mains plugs, silly vanilla Coke and the silly bloke with his box of silly wooden penises... Peni?

Hixontastic® Audiogasmsmic® tunes are flopped in your ear pipes by the best dressed trio in that recording studio on that particular day. The one, the only The Hixon Trial! With additional Audio-Goat-Heads® prescribed by Dr Hixon along with a course of a free .mp3 download of the song featured on this show! Right click >>HERE<< and click "Save Link As" to download and keep for all of your summoning Moira emergencies.

As ever, It's here! It's beer! Take your goat head and call us in a matter of days!


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