About the show

Here is a quick guide to getting drunk with your favourite stars of the show that makes all other podcasts look a little more coherent than they actually are.

You won't find this page full of helpful hints, interests and conversational topics that you can use to make you look cooler than you actually are whilst in a pub.
However, if you need to slake that thirst, If you're buying the beers and if you can find us, you'll need to be prepared to get shit faced with Liquid Inspiration Podcast!
God save your liver.

You can find all of the answers to the many questions regarding the hosts of the show on the page cleverly titled: Your hosts.

If you heard something that tickled the taste buds inside your ear holes to a point of pure musical ecstasy, you'll most likely find the culprit in question on our magical: Tunage page.

If you are unsure as to where else on the internet you might find the real king(s) of beers then you might want to take a butcher's at our: Links page.

Any direct and blunt accusations questions can be submitted directly to the shows spam folder Twitter thinger where either C.J or Daz will get back to you in a mere matter of days.
Any queries longer than 140 characters can be submitted to the email address found on the left hand side of your screen.


C.J & Daz