Your hosts.

Bromley Daz

Bromley Daz is a man of many words, thoughts, hats (One Bowler actually - Daz) and beers. In his formative years Old Brommers became well known in the South East Of England as the self styled man about town... without pants. Daz is an avid user of the Twitter Thinger and likes to "Tweet" whilst travelling on, drinking on, sleeping on, peeing in to a paper cup on trains up and down the South East Of England.

Noted Likes:
Beer, B3ta and blunders.

Noted Dislikes:
This, That and The Other.

C.J Hixon

C.J is the sole author of the terrible music blog C.J's Crisis and has been since 2005. The website was deleted part way through 2009 for reasons even he cannot fully understand. He is a guitarist that also, in his own words:

"Makes a bad noise from the gap under my nose and above my chin..."

Some of his musical work can be found on the ever popular music site Some of it cannot.

He is currently working on his new 'Self-Help-You' Book entitled: "How to dick with tourists" Due to be released Summer 2018.

During a recent interview C.J was quoted as saying:

"Anybody that doesn't like the interweb links that i've posted on
are basically dead to me..."
Here are some of those links that he loves: The C.J's Crisis, The Fake Money, The Hixon Trial, The B3ta, The, The Gus Greeper, The Mr B-Sydes, The Things We Lost In The Fire, The Schnews

Moguls The Boob Faced Boy

Moguls was first featured on Session 29.

He's been here ever since.

That rattle you sometimes hear in the background?

That's this guy!

The tit!