Monday, February 15, 2010

Session 29 - Boobs

Fuck You!

Sorry, wrong meeting.

Hello and welcome to another slightly childish and delicious session of the worlds favourite podcast!

This week sees the return of the Sports section with a LIVE update of the Winter Olympics with actual people on the streets of buzzing Wintery olympicy Vancouvery.

The Celebrities on this weeks show are not only hot fresh and delicious they are also known as:
John Smith, LuKuS, Corinna Carlson, Always Beeping Curses 4 and the ever disease free, nipple touching, girl flabbergasting, pensioner hip jolting sexy young gents about town Son Of Robot!

Nobody puts baby in a korma!

Now *MEEOW* Off...

...But before you go a few congratulations are in order this week:
Mr John Smith won Best Album for 'Map Or Direction' in the 2010 Spiral Awards!!
Congratulations John, there's a pint coming your way, don't forget to check John's tour dates at:


Congratulations to C.J Hixon-Naga who got married this week:

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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