Thursday, February 25, 2010

Session 30 - Chronologically

This week the guys are Russian as the regular recording schedule is disrupted by elements well beyond the control of normal people... let alone two drunks staggering about weekly with microphones.

The Sports section makes another vaguely winter athletics orientated appearance as Corrina Carlson of and Always Bemoans Cankles get the shock of their lives.

Yet more sumptuous and delicious tunage from the ever brilliant and proud owner of all of his own hair John Smith as well as your usual weekly dose of what the doctor should've ordered, the only band to ever claim that they showed the Internet something so shocking and graphic it had to have counselling afterwards. The only Awesome® Award Winning house band to ever be named
Son Of Robot!

Tune in for the most unique live radio experience in briefs you'll receive in your ear holes this week!


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