Friday, July 27, 2012

Session 123 - Owdi


During this session of the internet's only saving grace, talk turns to Quentin Tarentino's stunning appearance in the Bible, Viki from Leatherhead's views on crotchless panties and the Economy (They're both the same in that the bottom has dropped out of them right?! - C.J), How one billionaire's Matrix is a poor man's terrible podcast, C.J says one nice thing about Lee Howard, and Daz likes a beer... sort of.

Audiogasms® are oiled up and rubbed down by the man that makes Gentleman's Relish look like a paupers paste. The classiest man that we've ever met with the name Mr John Smith!
Additional Audiogash® is proudly presented right at your ear pipes by the super sexy sound sensation known as Son Of Robot!

As ever, It's here! It's beer! OWLS!

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