Friday, July 13, 2012

Session 122 - AIBV


During this weeks session of the best man made audio drinking guide ever, topics turn to the impending rise of the machines including, Robo-Farts, Robo-Beer, Robo-Rock, Robo-Paper, Robo-Scissors, Robo-Disco-Bhangra and a 100% humanoid operated drinking establishment that happens to be the best ruddy pub in the world! Fact!

In more important news, our boy Keeton Alford turned 21! Mazel tov for beer in Georgia buddy! Georgia?!? You, dear boy, can now quote promo code: "C.J & Daz sent me!" at the bar for a slight discount and a confused look from your local smooth talking Bar Steward... Just don't order a paltry Heineken... go for a nice Desperados, Super Bock or Guinness for the win! Good lad! We love you!

Audiogasms® are schmeared all over your sexy ear parts by a man that takes one look at your dirty little lug holes and thinks:
"I can fit something delicious right in there!"

Of course, it's the one and only LuKuS! Additional Audiogastasticness® is funnelled into your head like a cool and sexy salve by the ever missed, super self aware Son Of Robot! It's automated awesomeness!

As ever, It's here! It's Beer! SHIT!

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