Friday, October 21, 2011

Session 103 - Chris-mas (Part 2) *SPECIAL*

*Warning! During this session of Liquid Inspiration Podcast the words:
"Will", "You", "Marry", "Me?" and "Yes" are used next to each other in sequence.*


It's finally here (again)! The second part of C.J and Daz's triumphant recording in the glorious and well eyebrowed city of Wolverhampton!

Part two features the ever super powered Kylie Posnett and the now Zoophobic Christopher D Bate waxing lyrical about such topics as sexy apes, public art, public pooping, the benefits of boxes, national service, interesting relatives, Alan fucking Sugar, Ryan fucking Estes and if that wasn't enough a round of a new game entitled "Let's Wink At Each Other"!

Audiogasmic® Audiogasms® are supplied this week by three of the best and some of our very favorite artists such as the ever forgiving and superb The Wave Pictures, the handsome and sublime B-Sydes and of course the always rocking and socking Son Of Robot!

We'd like to take this chance to once again thank our gracious guest hosts Chris and Kylie for making these two shows extra super SPECIAL!

As ever, it's here! It's beer! BUM!

Video Spoiler!

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