Friday, September 23, 2011

Session 101 - Educationment

Class is in session!
Turn your phones off and turn to page 69! Today's lesson includes such curriculum as: Midgets in porn being eaten by badgers, Ginger whingers, the high production values of the world's best podcast, C.J's college days and how Daz once fixed Mr Jeckles show.

Pay attention in the back!

Audiogasms® 101 is taught this week by the only teacher with tenure Professor B-Sydes with an additional course in Audiogasmiconology® run by handsome beard about town, the one and only Dr John Smith!

As ever, aural displeasure in glorious stereo is here! With beer!
Punching the Open University in the side of the head!

For extra credit please take our course in audio production:

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