Friday, July 01, 2011

Session 95 - ステーキ

This week the Federers of the phrase "fucking fucksocks", the Nadals of nay-saying, the Sharapovas of "Sharapova? I've never met her!" get all sweary on centre court and don't mention Wimbledon once!


Not once!

Themes of the many, far better discussions on this show include, Reasons why hot steamy porn should be shown on Submarines, Oil Rigs, Supermarkets, Ladies fancy clothes shops, Prisons and prisms, Why C.J is after Roy Walker's old job, and why, when in Japan, you should be really really careful when ordering shiitake & steak.
All of which are discussed whilst being watched over by the world's finest legal mind, the man with two backs to his left hand, The north of England's last legal hope! The one and only Mr Scotto White!

This weeks Audiogasms® pour into your ear to brain pipes courtesy of the most forgiving band in the entire world, yes folks! It's The Wave Pictures!
Additional ear-hole-coconut-oil-rub-down from the finest looking beard we've ever seen connected to a chap called Mr John Smith!

As ever, It's here! It's beer! Daddy or chips?

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