Friday, March 04, 2011

Session 83 - Dags

HOW COULD YOU NOT SEE THIS COMING? (That's what she said!)
This week the glorious, stereophonic, life affirming, bestest thing on the interwebs (Called Liquid Inspiration Podcast) discuss public nudity, anal insertion, time travel, celebrating success with alcohol, dog piss, soviets, independent snuff films and a few other topics that you might not expect... like dogs... driving cars.

Audiogasmic® tunage from the sexiest bunch of chaps to ever give the entire city of Brighton & Hove an STD (Son.Of.Robot Transmitted Deliciousness) that they absolutely LOVE! The one and only Son Of Robot!
Additional audio feast delivered hot and fresh by the most forgiving band in the entire universe The Wave Pictures!

ALERT! Given the time scale of the silly competition, our added bonus competition is now closed and we will be announcing the two lucky winners on Session 84!

Hot, Fresh and Delicious every week...

Every week...

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