John Smith / Giveaway! - 01/03/2011

"I knew this would happen when I first met John... He was wearing Wellies and a suit. You always end up doing last minute competitions for blokes wearing Wellies and suits... Or is that just me?"

Thanks to all that voted for John, We will officially announce the two winners of our co-hosting comp on Session 84!


C.J and Daz

Hello folks!

C.J here.
I wanted to tell you all about what happened during last nights recording of the finest smut on the internet!
But first I would like to properly quote a little competition style incentive, first posted on the Facebook thinger, from friend of the show and fellow beard fanatic Mr John Smith:

"Vote at before March 2nd to win one of...

3 x signed original 2006 copies of The Fox and The Monk
5 x signed Map Or Direction CDs
10 x signed Live at The Roundhouse DVDs
and 10 x The Fox and The Monk T-Shirts

Just send your e-receipt and t-shirt size to!

AND if we win this thing, everybody who voted will be invited to a free, secret, one-off gig!

Fantastic stuff yeah?



If you have already voted or if you are going soon we can exclusively reveal yet more reasons to sling a vote right at us!

When sending your E-Receipt to:
you can CC in us at:
We will send you a FREE MP3 of us NEVER BEFORE HEARD!

PLUS! If you buy all of John's songs from his profile we will invite you to co-host the show.

That's right!

You heard!

Buy six or so .mp3s at 60p a pop and you can either skype into the show or, if you can get somewhere close to London at any point this year you can speak your mind / vent your spleen / talk shit with myself and old Brommers in person!

This won't be announced until Friday's show so we're letting you know that you have until the end of the 2nd of March to get those votes counted!


C.J Hixon also on behalf of Bromley Daz