Friday, February 25, 2011

Session 82 - Hari-Kari

At the next Podcast, Turn left... You left the gas on didn't you?
This week the saviours of drinky drunken swearyness discuss top notch celebrity endorsements, correct eating etiquette when taking in the arts, heavy duty, durable waste collection bags and C.J's brand new religion of fourteen or so years... aside from the obvious.

Audiogasms® this week are delivered by the ever rugged and manly John Smith! (Who would also like to remind you that you can still vote for him on his profile and buy some 60p songs if you want... and seeing as we are putting words in his mouth he'd also like you to know that we here at L.I.P are his best friends in the whole wide world and that he's scared of spiders and wears frilly pants... probably)
Additional handsome men making brilliant audio style noises comes in the form of the most forgiving band in the universe! The Wave Pictures!

As ever, It's here! It's beer! Don't stick that in there!


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