Friday, June 25, 2010

Session 47 - METAL!


This week the saviours of the internet discuss the joys and pure pleasure of mixing drinks in order to meet your favourite musical artists, Not clicking a website, being hip with the kids #forrealz, and why drowning the poor cow you married because you got pissed and stuck your slag hammer in side her gutted hamster will spare the surrounding area shame if you happen to be in Bali.

(Non)METAL! treats courtesy of the boys from Essex known so well for their sexiness, that even the Queen must lower her spectacles with one hand and cup her clopper with the other! The stunning group of young men simply known as Things We Lost In The Fire! Additional musical treats supplied along with an apology from C.J to the man that goes by the name David Tattersall of The Wave Pictures!

Some say, every time you flick up some devil horns a telephone rings in hell...

Everytime you laugh at this weeks show Keith Richards lives another 6 months!..

...As per his agreement with the master.

Cheers! METAL!

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