Friday, July 02, 2010

Session 48 - Tangents


This week, the only guys your ears give two shits about discuss the finer points of the magic curry house per person ratio, A massive penis, A massive penis that isn't named Alex Reid; also the boys thwack around the notion that the idea that the police* can go forth and multiply.

Sexy ear hole penetration by the man that puts the "LukuS" in the phrase "LukuS sexed my face off with music!.. and his words!" with additional ear hole spooning by the man that puts the "John Smith" in the phrase "John Smith played music in my face and made my ears cum all over my sideburns".

No video this week as C.J & Daz are working on other projects.

What do you want? Blood?


*Not the band but also the band named The Police. Fuck you The Police!

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