Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Session 159 - A LIPmas Barrel *SPECIAL*


This session of festive audio swearing goes Ho, Ho, Horribly wrong... Like a sultana in a salad.

Just say no kids, dropping acid isn't as much fun as it sounds on this show.
In fact medical studies show that it is much, much funnier than it sounds on this show. Probably.

A big drunk wet kiss and slurred thank yous to the interviewees and guest hosts we have had over the years that feature on this session namely (In order of appearance):
Zac Barclay of Misinformation Podcast, Monica Hamburg of Dazed and Convicted, Natalie S and the always delicious, self styled sausage pants Mr Regular Dave!
Also a massive festive thank you to the vocal talents of Rhi Maskell and Mrs Corinna Carlson of Gusgreeper.com

Audiogasmic® trippyness is added to by the ever resplendent and delicious The Wild and the festive spirit known as St John Smith!

Thanks to all of our Audiogasmic® artists including Sir John and Wit and The Wild, for allowing us to enjoy their Audiogasmicness® out loud, in glorious stereo on a fortnightly basis.
Beers are owed to B-Sydes, LuKuS, The Wave Pictures, RedFinn, Things We Lost In The Fire and the sexy boys from the band once known as Son Of Robot!

As ever, It's here! It's beer! TRY TRIPPING YOUR BALLS OFF!

Merry Liquid Inspiration Podcastmas everyone!

C.J Hixon and Bromley Daz

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