Friday, July 29, 2011

Session 97 - Tittymatortar

Wotcha! The first rule of Liquid Inspiration Podcast is bring your own beer. The second rule of Liquid Inspiration Podcast is "Don't stick that in there" with all of the other rules being too unimportant to assign a number to!
Additional topics of conversation include A musical shed, Hitler's talking dogs, the way everyone in Norwich have the same last name and...

BIRTHDAY-BRAND-NEWNESS! appears in the form of new previously unheard (On this show) SUPER-Audiogasms® from B Sydes! and the rather awesome Deaftronix!

Why not celebrate the fact that two years ago we started swearing into microphones by following us on our shiny new Google+ page?!

Beers and thanks to:

John, Ben, LuKuS, Cribble, Son Of Robot, Deaftronix, The Wave Pictures, Things We Lost In The Fire, Chris & Kylie, Corinna & Adam, Regular Dave, Rage Jage, Matt the Hat, Good 'ands Baines, The Taj Mahal, Natalie S, Keeton Alford, Sarah Cook, Lee Howard, Robert Kennedy Whigham and everyone that has ever listened and / or forwarded spam to us.

Here's to another year and as ever:

It's here! It's Beer! Enjoy!.. Or not.

C.J & Daz

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