Friday, September 24, 2010

Session 60 - Onanism

Amen my child. Wotcha!

On this weeks adrenaline fuelled, red raw session of the internet's most prized drunken ramblings C.J discusses achiving a personal best and Daz invents a new universal type of insurance.
Musical brilliance lathered and massaged right on your ear buds by the only man to survive collage life with the long haired beardy one, Mr B-Sydes!
Tunage is also supplied by the only band that would allow such punnage from reprobates as drunk as your charming hosts; Who else could it be other than The Wave Pictures!

Why would you go anywhere else other than the show that sets trends for other all news sources:

Got zero plans on Sunday 26th?
Why not get out of the house? Why not go to an awesome gig in Lincoln?


C.J & Daz

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