Friday, November 16, 2012

Session 131 - SafeSun


During this session of why the internet smells funny, topics of chin flapping turn to: How Jim fixed it for a cow enthusiast, What is missing from the world's most expensive cocktail, Why we're still "Up there" on a certain "wide ranging" topic and the other reason for our classy nature... Delicious indolence.

Magic Audiogasms®, that are so good they may as well have been hand made by blind monks at a thousand feet above sea level, are dribbled into your ear pipes by B Sydes and the band that have a sound that is more high definition than if you cooked the shattered pieces of a Blu-Ray disc into a pie with a lightly grilled HDMI cable that has been soaked in movie trailers like some kind of tasty, tasty HD marinade and served on a slab of Jamie Fucking Oliver style wood... of course it's the Georgia's favourite sons / daughter, the one, the only, The Wild!

As ever, It's here! It's beer! Now then now then... Keep it classy!


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