Friday, April 06, 2012

Session 115 - Fowl


On this weeks session of the modern, more drunk, audio only version of Bullseye (with better prizes) talk turns to Aliens, Waiters, Doctors, Town Councillors, Actresses, Ballers, Scientologists, London Underground Ticket Holders, Bears, Tramps, Welshmen, Englishmen, Americans, Canadians, Jokers, Smokers, Midnight Tokers, Entrepreneurs, Belles, Sebastians, Hookers, Printers, Glam Rockers, Massive Cloppers and why Kat from EastEnders, that bloke that tarmaced your driveway for £40, the tanned ghost of Vegas past and Omar from The Wire's gay younger brother have their own music show when really they should be pushed into a pit and forced to fight eachother to the death.

The usual.

Audiogasms® are seductively massaged into your ear drums this week by the sweetest group of guys and gal to ever emerge from Georgia? We've never met... them?
The super duper, the super awesome The Wild!
Additional Audiogastasticness!® supplied by our ever missed, bestest ever house band Son Of Robot (R.I.P)

As ever! It's here! It's Beer! It's not even close to resembling the shittest ever episode of Mastermind!


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