Friday, August 27, 2010

Session 56 - Weekly

Alright bruv?
Durin' this weeks mental session of the only show that makes you feel like you nicked the iTunes store's best stuff those posh ladz do dun a lot of talkin' and that abahht such shit like beer and tits and shit D'ya get me?

Bangin' tunes by John Smith an' The Wave Pictures! Faaackin bonkers!

Your Liquid Inspiration Podcast Technicians reccomend that you use a handy translation guide to decipher any "cool lingo" or a concise map in order to dodge any "Local Colour"...

And don't forget you can get the swishest in .jpg clobber by visiting the world famous Liquid Inspiration Podcast Clothing Store!!

Cheers me bredrin'!

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