Thursday, January 14, 2010

Session 24 - .com

This week, C.J Spends time pre show in the pub forgetting his notes and Daz quits the Fags… and stops smoking.

Topics turn to a new sexy website funded by the brewery, added bad math(s) and sexy Japanese N00dZ… (Thank you free legal advisors everywhere.)

Lock up your Mums, Grans, Great Grans and Great Great Grans… It’s here and it’s talking to a man in a shed.

Added necrophilia by the band that has been tempted once… twice… three times by ladies… in a Brighton morgue with slack security the one and only Son Of Robot!



Don't forget to enter the "Improve the picture comp"!

You can find C.J's attempt here or if you want a stab at a fresh copy the
Daily Mail's un paid for online verion is available here.

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