Friday, January 22, 2010

Session 25 - Coo-Oui!

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Nous aimerions nous excuser de la nature malheureuse de ces semaines montre. Si vous lisez ceci, les félicitations! Nous n'avons pas pensé que vous pourriez obtenir de l'électricité dans une caverne.

This week the guys are picking on those that have a lower intelligence than them, and make more gay jokes than Jim Davidson on a weekend trip to Mardi Gras.

Liquid Inspiration Podcast would like to point out that they love the "Gays" and hope that some of them could pop round their gaffs to "Brighton" (Read as brighten) the place up a bit... unless they're French.

Classic acceptance from the best libral minded, Garlic bread chewing, Bicycle riding, mademoiselle Shtooping band in the world.

Some say that if Carlsberg made bands they would be fucking shit in comparison to SON OF ROBOT! Added 6 handed ear massage from the thinking crumpets Eric Clapton; The one and only LuKuS.

It's here! It's Beer! Get used to it!

Also enter our hot, fresh and indeed delicious Image Competition!
It's so easy even a thick 6 year old child could do it! The entries are done in MS Paint for pity's sake!
Head on over to for ALL the delicious details.

Daz has something massive between his legs.

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