Thursday, January 07, 2010

Session 23 - Decennium

Oh Hiiiiii!



This weeks show mainly consists of your favourite drunkards getting to grips with the cold weather and getting their beer and curry coats on.

Life improving substances posing as music supplied by the band that makes tinned Spam look even more dull and disgusting than it actually is. Ironically the band that also advocates the use of Spam in sexual role playing Son Of Robot.
Additional sexy spam on man fun supplied by LuKuS.

Grab a pen to jot down these links and pin back those bingo wings whilst enjoying another delicious session of your favourite: LIQUID INSPIRATION PODCAST!

Vont maintenant et la bosse votre soeur comme les violoneurs de frenc que vous êtes. Possibly.


sarah said...


Christopher D. Bate said...


C.J Hixon said...

Delicious isn't it!

Thanks for the finance Klaus!

gusgreeper said...

thank you so much for the delicious link.. DAZ come on over to GG the podcast is linked in the latest post... first time i got to link to it and it made me really happy! :)

keep up the GREAT work guys.

having spent half a month in Bali that sign is sorta extra funny to me now. cause you know im like a world travelor and all now. hehe