Friday, December 04, 2009

Session 18 - Theatre

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Ave a Banana!

Oi oi! You lucky people!

This week your favourite drunkards have dipped their toe into the public swimming pool of “Radio Theatre”. And pissed in it.

The fella’s are joined this week by professional beer spiller Natalie S and handsome young man about town Awesome® Award Winner in the field of being a Bloody Nice Bloke Sir Christopher Bate. Discussions include the sheer brilliance and allure of the Liquid Inspiration Podcast Awesome® Award, and the best way to teach people lessons whilst drunk and driving a train.

Sexy music supplied by the only band that can complete the routine from Flashdance whilst holding a pint of beer, the ever sexy Son Of Robot.

As the great Bard himself once said “Get the drinks in ya bastard!”.


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