Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Session 19 - Bugle

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Dear Mrs Carlson

Every week, Myself and Old Dazzer pick a sexy picture to use for our wonderful Brewery sponsored Podcast blog
( )

This week we are including your skype from last week where you describe Aligator’s Buttocks Clench’s “Panteloons” as being “Mr Sexy July”… Delicious!

That’s just the kind of Sexy we like / need on this show, Don’t get me wrong, the WORLD EXCLUSIVE Son Of Robot track we have for this weeks show plus the public apologies (Half arsed as they are) to the American people add a little zing and indeed ling to this evenings proceedings. It is however that I write to you this dark and dreary english eve in order to secure your permission to publish a picture rendered in glorious jpg format for our listeners viewing pleasure… You seemed to paint such a graphic picture in the way you described his sexy undies and yet you appear to have failed to mention one very important detail… the use of a certain global podcast’s logo RIGHT ON HIS BALLS!

Many thanks for guesting on this session and I do hope you enjoy your copy of the “audio Podcast for a liquid world”.


C.J on behalf of Liquid Inspiration Podcast.

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gusgreeper said...

he is june in that photo. i can't remember what photo i used for July. worst is, there are two more photos of him in those *pants* on my flickr, see i forgot to put the friends and family back on that one... oops, and i wanted to use all three on the page, BUT for some reason it would only let me use this one. it could've been even better. i can't wait to do the calendar post, just being lazy as usual.

xoxoxo CAC