Friday, September 27, 2013

Session 154 - #28 Interviews *CLASSIC SPECIAL*


This week the world's most recession proof audio drinking session re-release some interviews of some of the most interesting ethnic minorities:
A Ginger, A Scottish and the rarest of all people… A FUN LOVING INNKEEPER!

Stand back in awe of the glorious stereophonic experience that is this particular delicious session of your favourite drunkards doing what they do best… Sitting in a pub, drinking.

Audio-berge-gasms® are supplied by the always handsome and fancy free boys about Brighton, SON OF ROBOT! Additional Audiogasmicness® are from a man that can literally take you down to china town during a Scrabble match, the Scrabulus Scrabulator Sir John Smith! (With that video we promised!)

You've heard it once a few years back and it's still your favourite session!

It's here! It's beer! Auberge-A-GO-GO!


If you ever get the chance, please take some time to visit The Red Lion, Stodmarsh, Kent, 01227 721339 for a few sharpeners!

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