Sunday, December 25, 2011

Session 108 - Canadia II *SPECIAL*


This years super awesome festive *SPECIAL* features certified English blokes C.J and Daz of drunk Tweeting and Podcasting fame had a couple of chats to certified Canadian ladies Mrs Corinna Carlson of and Ms Monica Hamburg of less drunken therefore inferior Podcasting fame.
Add a dash of booze, a pocketful of delight, a bunch of awesome tunes and a metric shit ton of swearing and you've got yourself a festive treat suitable for the most festive of drinking sessions!

Where's your prezzies?
Well, have we got a treat for you this Liquid Inspiration Podcastmas!
Please have a stab at our festive quiz / treasure hunt thinger for a delicious festive surprise!

Our sincerest thanks go out to the following enablers that (thank fuck) have not once asked us to stop making the swears with the beers:

Sir John Smith, Mr LuKuS, SeƱor Cribble, B-Sydes Esquire, Dr Christopher D Bate & Prof Kylie Posnett (Thanks for putting us up and putting up with C.J's unique brand of sonorous snoring!), Mrs Carlson & Ambassador Barrister Coach 4 (Do ya want a Baileys?), The (ever forgiving) Wave Pictures, The (ever awesome and super nice to us) Wild, Judge Mat Bone (for stabbing Daz with a needle in an awesome way!), Things We Lost In The Fire, MP Jim Pubes MP, Deaftronix, The finest one man legal team a podcast could have: Duke Scotto White and of course all of those sexy boys that were in the band from Brighton Son Of Robot (R.I.P)

Why not, on this most festive of days, enjoy a little Liquid Inspiration Podcastmas cheer from C.J and Lord John Smith:

Thanks for listening!

As ever, It's here! It's beer! It's invented it's own holiday!


C.J Hixon & Bromley Daz

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