Friday, February 11, 2011

Session 80 - Fixers *SPECIAL*

Welcome to the very first of Liquid Inspiration Podcast's 2011

This week the world is put bang to rights as C.J & Daz discuss the correct inflection to use when doing a spot of Pigeonholing, the best way to clean up after a spot of Pigeon-holing, All Religions get their habits handed back to them with a side order of "fuck you!", The politicians and the Misinformed do-gooders also get the full L.I.P treatment.

Fantastic tunage is supplied this week by The Wave Pictures and the worlds only five membered sex machine named Son Of Robot!

We hope you enjoy the first of our *SPECIAL SHOWS*. If you don't please contact us at for a full refund... or not.


C.J Hixon & Bromley Daz

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