Friday, December 25, 2009

Session 21 - Seasoning


It's a veritable "smorgasbord" of good times and drunken lazyness...

Your ipod's most palatable drunkards are joined this festive day by the stephen Fry of curry nights and 1/8th chinese sex god Mr Rage Jage and your favourite free legal advisor, the man that puts the "Thrown out of court" into "Your stupid face looks like my arse and should be thrown out of court you ugly bastard" the ever sleepy Sir Scotto White.

The guys curl up round the fire (held in a room with no fire place) and enjoy a session chock full of sweaty and pregnancy enducing tunes by the semen coated and arab strap wearing boys that are collectively known as the sexiest band in the entire world,
SON OF ROBOT! Additional NHS approved fertility tunes are thrown in by the maverick of the fret board and local sex god LuKuS

"Bless My Tired Eyes! What day is it boy?"
The only day in the calendar worth drinking from dawn to dusk through.

As ever your premium ABV, the place to be.

Merry Liquid Inspiration Podcastmas one and all!

Keep it in your pants , and do try not to throw up.

C.J Hixon and Bromley Daz

Thanks for listening!

And thanks to our affiliates:
Taj Mahal, 01233 646667

Drink, Smoke and be merry!


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gusgreeper said...

oops sorry i left the comment on the wrong post.. BOOO ME! but still DAZ get over to GG.

and how do i get a T-SHIT? in a nice small size that'll show off my rack.... and promote you im going back to working in TV guys so people will ask about you when im wearing it...