Friday, June 21, 2013

Session 147 - #102 Chris-mas (Part 1) *CLASSIC SPECIAL*


One of our faves! The result of when the finest podcast money can't buy travels across the country in search of super awesome guest hosts.
The show that doesn't do things by halves. No! It does things by doubles!

Part one of this classic toofah starring the ever awesome Kylie Posnett and the ever charming Christopher D Bate contains talk of beauty spa treatments gone wrong, a decadent death by dumplings, cunning tips on getting free pizza, how a city can be quite like a "scrappy little bloke", bin pasty roulette, Ryan fucking Estes and many, many more family favourites...

Audiogasms® are supplied this week by those charming chaps, the boys from Brighton Son Of Robot! Additional Audiogasmicness® is supplied this week by the ever handsome and noisey LuKuS!

Check out Chris' film that he wrote called "Staying put at home". Watching it will make you 30% more popular with the cool kids:

As ever, it's here! It's beer! It's in the midlands?!

Cheers C.J, Daz, Kylie & Chris

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