Friday, January 27, 2012

Session 110 - Hawking...s

As in black hole? No? Whatever.
This session of award winning booze fuelled shenanigans features tales of sticking it to your local county council, the mysterious relationship between a spirit endorsing northerner and an ale swilling southerner, the shift of power when a monetary transaction takes place, the nicest bass player of the 90's adding us on the G+ and of course Professor Stephen Hawking(s) with his views on "A brief history of 'gine". Short for vagina...

Audiogasms® are supplied this week by a band that has one of the worlds more tuneful Hixons on the skins, the one and only Things We Lost In The Fire! With additional Audiogasmic® coconut oil ear drum rubdown provided by some handsome guys that farted and created deliciousness!
The one and only Son Of Robot!
As ever, It's here! It's beer! Smoke a cigarette after thinking about the big bang!


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