Thursday, March 18, 2010

Session 33 - Whisky?

This week the guys look at improving the way medical staff treat their patients with experimental and sexy treatments.

C.J makes an announcement about his martital status and Daz uses state of the art technology* to prove his drinking preferences.

Music supplied by the group of young men that keep the ladies of southern England not only as excited as a marine biologist having a dip in uncharted waters but also as moist in the knickers as a marine biologist having a dip in uncharted waters, The one and only Son Of Robot! Additional tunage supplied by Essex four piece Things We Lost In The Fire.

It's here! It's got beer!
Liquid Inspiration Podcast for deliciousness.

*State of the art technology may vary depending on when in the 1930's you were born.


Real men don't listen to Salt-n-Pepa, they listen to Raging Speedhorn songs like this one:


Please be mindful that C.J saw this video after recording Session 33:

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