Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Session 27 - Longevity

Are you sitting comfortably?

I fucking hope so...

Strap in and discuss dead formats, A gaping axe wound, a "Rack of Inteluption" and the utilisation of basic picture editing devices all coming right inside your filthy ear holes in delicious and sexy stereo...

GEEKS BEWARE! Best double bag it whilst listening to the one and only mention of Windows '95 you'll hear on a podcast this week!

Discarded tissue paper inducing tuneage by the only band that can help you escape your high octane car chase in Paris when escaping the Stazi Son Of Robot.

It's here! We're queer... (For Son Of Robot, all it takes is a few pints and two listens to some of their tunes after all!)

Let's Fuck(Bast) The night away!

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