Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Session 16 - Zaltzmaned

Same again mate? We’re in the snug when you’re ready. Coming at you live from the official Liquid Inspiration Podcast Snug, the guys manage to properly “Zaltzman” this session of the premium drinking man’s podcast right up. Also, If there was a way to drive to Lancaster whilst inventing clothing made out of lager then this session wouldn’t even exist.

Sexy music supplied by… oh what’s their names… thingmy bobs…SON OF ROBOT! Additional tuneage delivered by Luka, he lives on the second floor… no, sorry… “Zaltzmaned” that up completely… Obviously additional musical treats are delivered by the ever brilliant LUKUS.

Your Premium VBA, The place to Bay.

Loquod Onsporatoin Pidcast.

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