Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Session 9 - Nudes

This week the guys are drinking 'Shnëllhünd Überfix IPA' the Pale ale for the man that desires a glossier coat.
The topics run wide and varied as the biggest mail bag to date over flows the hairy whereabouts of your favourite drunkards.
As the ever pissed purveyors of blunt blatancy, you'll really have to hear it to believe the fact that the phrase "Silly French" was not uttered once. Fact!

Sexy and delicious music from the Liquid Inspiration Podcast house band, the band that always asks it's bedfellows if they'd prefer a fried egg sandwich (or two) to a dutch oven, the band that's seen more tits than Bill Oddie, Son Of Robot.

As always the place to be, your premium ABV... Shit, did we run out of time?


C.J & Daz

Clicky for Liquid Inspiration Podcast 'Nudes'

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