Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Session 8 - Jeckles

DISCLAIMER: Large parts of this Session of Liquid Inspiration Podcast will only make sense to about four people (The entire listening base of

This week the guys are coming at you live from a dirty Mackintosh, between the dusty branches of a bush outside a sexy guitarist’s flat in London (The real one).

They discuss sexy, Swedish, pillow fighting, blonde, sexy pyjama wearing Swedish and blonde (Definitely female, pillow fighting and sexy) twins, and are drinking a pale ale that’s name has been forsaken due to an obvious delivery mishap. (Damn you Bob!) Added awesome by the ever sexual house band Son Of Robot. It’s here, It’s drunk the beer but have no fear as this session has more honorary British, caffeinated aggression than one would ever want to shake ones stick at… yes by stick, we mean penis.

Liquid Inspiration Podcast, the drinking man’s Shitty Blog Radio.

…You had me at stick.

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