Friday, November 06, 2009

Session 14 - Callback


In this bumper Session the guys are basking in the Panama sun and find out the true meaning of “Stepping on a duck” with a lady present as they are joined by special guest and known wearer of “Knickers” Natalie S.

The boys also obtain the use of an international secure line to talk to Awesome® Award Winner in the field of being a Bloody Nice Bloke Sir Christopher Bate of Handsomeshire and discover that however hard you try, Curry pongs transcend international borders. Talking of “loud shouts from down under” the guys discuss many a XXX(X) Fosters fuelled sports section.

Never before has Booze been spilled on your favourite place to be, THE premium ABV.

We’re back! With Sack! Get used to it!


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