Friday, September 04, 2009

Session 5 - Conspiracies

This week, The boys see double trouble with sexy twins and new “Doppelgänger” Beer enduring a post chilli flatulence fest.
What more can a growing lad (or indeed laddette) want in life than some Glorious, Sexy, Virile, Potent, Delicoius, Handsome, Chisled, Buffed, Sexy? Über Sexy Conspiracies?
Pimping out the worlds best and only house band to ever put fear into the (f)hearts of the mafia the ever handsome and sexually active Son Of Robot. Featuring more smelly beer facts than you can feasibly wave a lit zippo at without looking like a complete ars(e)onist.

As ever your premium ABV, the place to be, It’s here! It’s Beer! Liquid Inspiration Podcast.

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